6 Sales Jokes to Make Your Day Brighter

The sales job is a busy one with lots of hustle and people need to put in rigorous effort to get through it. Sounds serious, right? But it doesn't mean that salespeople should always be sounding boring and vague. You can be funny and sell at the same time. There are some really funny sales jokes you might come across in your life through books, on the internet, or in real-life incidents too. You can share those funny sales one liners with your colleagues and customers as well. 

“Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing” - True to this saying, being a humorous salesperson can help your career too. Humor is a great way to connect with your customers, maintain good relationships with them, overcome work stress, maintain work-life balance, and so on. In this blog, we are going to discuss some jokes on marketing and sales. Let’s go.

6 Sales Jokes To Make You Laugh

Though you can find a lot of memes and jokes on the internet, you don’t connect or you can’t relate with all of them. Here we have curated a list of some great sales jokes that you can enjoy. To have a break from the monotonous work, you can write sales joke of the day daily at your office and you can also discuss with colleagues jokes to tell customers also. Ok, come let’s jump into the list:

  1. Unexpected Customer Replies

People are more inclined toward shortcuts than the actual processes. So let’s spin some sales puns around this perspective.

Salesman: Hi sir, we ensure that our product reduces your workload by 50%

Customer: Great! Then I should buy two of them…

Salesman: (What a genius!) Omg! How will I explain to him that’s not how it works?!

This is one of those customer encounters that you never forget, right?! Well, let’s move on to the next joke.

  1. Sales Target Jokes 

When your manager sets an unrealistic sales quota, for which you have to get a lot more customers than you get now, then you might have felt like doing this:

Sales Manager: John, we need 30 more customers from this region

You (to your sales manager): Go, search here yourself now! 

Image Source: Pinata Farm

  1. Working Hard Jokes

Salespeople work hard to achieve their targets. Sometimes they forget what day it is, what is the time, and everything else in the universe. 

All they know and do is sales, sales, and sales only! 

Here is the best salesman joke ever to convey this: