These days, it can be quite a task to tell the difference between genuine callers and telemarketers or scammers. From long-lost friends attempting to get in touch with you, prank callers, fraudsters, or even one of your relatives, it makes perfect sense to be safe than sorry.

A reverse phone lookup is a method of locating the owner of a telephone number and accessing their details. In essence, this involves looking up a specific phone number by searching through the database of reverse phone services to get a better picture of unknown callers.

Reverse phone lookup services can be used for different reasons. Here are a few of the most common:

  1. Determine potential buyers and sellers
  2. Caller ID for phone numbers
  3. Keeping telemarketers at bay
  4. Verifying a business
  5. View the contacts that your loved ones are making.
  6. Avoid con artists

One of the reputable services that provide free phone lookup service is  NumLooker 

What is NumLooker?/What do People Search and Reverse Phone Lookup Mean?  

NumLooker is a thorough person search and a leading reverse phone lookup service tool that compares specific phone numbers to a massive database of numbers in public records, providing extensive information about the owner of the inputted phone number. 

With the help of cutting-edge technology, this reverse phone lookup service organizes more than a billion pieces of publicly available data on a single server to produce accurate results. 

To tap into the advantages of this service, simply enter the phone number directly into the website's search box. Results from this search will include information about the owner of the phone number such as their address and name.

The NumLooker data engine compiles comprehensive data about a specific phone number, which may include the caller's name, the address associated with the number, age, phone type and carrier, email address, potential relatives, and much more.

It is simple, safe, and quick to locate a phone number and learn who it is registered to, and the best part is that these features can be quickly and easily assessed without incurring any costs.

Some of its features incorporate a people search, public record search, reverse address lookup, email lookup, background check, who called me, phone number lookup directory, and reverse phone lookup by country and by state.

Why Should I Do A People Search?

There are numerous reasons why you may consider doing a people search. The most typical reasons are listed below.

Get phone number owner details: 

A quick phone number lookup will reveal the full name, age, and gender of that anonymous caller. Now you can spot telemarketers, and robocalls a mile away.  

Get the contact info: 

By using the people search feature, you can limit your phone calls and find information about specific phone numbers, email addresses, and social profiles without spending the time and effort involved in searching out contact information manually. 

Remain in touch: 

As the world gets increasingly interconnected, individuals who have lost contact with close friends and family may reach out, and an effective way to find out who they are is to do a phone lookup on the number. 

With the use of a reverse phone lookup service, you may enter a phone number to learn about the owner's social media accounts, online dating profiles, and profile pictures.


Have you ever wondered where a known caller is calling from? Do they really live where they say they do? Well with reverse address lookup you can now get information and learn more about their address including their current address, past address, and even co-residents.

Snoop on your children:

Let's face it, it’s natural to be concerned about who our loved ones are in contact with, like friends from school or work. Well, it pleases me to inform you that with a background check from NumLooker, getting valuable information about your child’s callers is achievable.


By using a phone number lookup directory, you can confirm the credibility of a prospective company, acquaintance, or friend. It only takes a click to access details about property ownership, current inhabitants, and property size.

How To Use NumLooker To Do A Free People Search and Reverse Phone Lookup 

Every individual leaves some sort of digital footprints, such as public records in their name or a phone number listed in numerous directories. NumLooker collects that data in a report and provides you access to this report when you perform a phone number lookup.

The instructions below will assist you in using NumLooker number search services;

Search using the target's mobile number

Visit the NumLooker official website and click the “phone lookup” option. Enter the correct phone number of the recipient into the search field, then press the "Search" button.

Sort the results

You will receive a list of individuals that match the information you provided from the reverse phone lookup. By choosing "Access Report," you can filter out the incorrect profiles and select the profile of the specific user.

Download and view the report

In this last step, you will have to provide your email address to access the report. After that, simply select “View My Report” to access the information about your target.

How The Best People Search Website Was Evaluated

There are numerous con artists out there that will attempt to steal your money and flee. That's why you should always endeavor to use a reliable reverse phone lookup service.

With NumLooker you get a lot of these services for free, and also the website provides you with all the details of an unknown or known person. 

Here are some of the reasons why NumLooker is the people’s choice.

Easy to use

Even beginners can use it with ease. Simply type the phone number into the search bar at the top of the page and click the "search now" button.

Swift and accurate

Their search engines have been carefully refined to deliver extremely precise search results. In the event that several results come up during your search, there is also a filtering tool to help you focus on your findings.

Completely free

On NumLooker, you can verify who just called you for free. This is a great deal when you consider how much other phone number lookup websites charge for similar basic number searches.

It is also worth knowing that NumLooker is one of the top websites offering reverse phone lookup services owing to its direct partnerships with public institutions.


Why is it acceptable for large corporations to utilize your data to sell you things you most likely don't need or for a phone lookup service to charge you a lot of money for data that is currently available to the public?

The reason is that while you cannot afford it, others can pay to purchase access to the information.

NumLooker was created to change this situation, level the playing field, and provide people with quick and inexpensive access to public record data

Using a reverse phone lookup service can be a very useful resource to identify email addresses and other details of the senders of unknown texts or calls.