Keeping your windows sparkling is no small feat. Add the dirt and grime from outdoor elements, as well as soot and ash from indoor fireplaces, and you’ve got one messy situation to clean up. Putting in the necessary effort to keep your windows clean isn’t easy. It takes dedication, persistence, and a solid cleaning plan to get the job done. But it’s worth it! Clean windows can lift your spirits on even the gloomiest of days. With these tips for cleaning windows, you can have crystal-clear panes that are also safe for you and your family. Keeping them clean is a challenge, but with these insider secrets, keeping things tidy won’t be such a chore any longer.

A little preparation goes a long way

Before you even break out the cleaning supplies, you’ll want to make sure your windows are ready for a good scrub down. Make sure your windows are clean and free of any loose debris first. If you have stubborn stains like bird droppings, you might want to consider taking your windows down, so you can get to all the edges and crevices. Don’t forget to give them a thorough cleaning inside and out. Make sure your windows are squeegee and dirt-free before you put them back up. Cleaning your windows from the inside can be a nightmare. You may want to consider taking them down and letting them soak in warm water and cleaning solution for a few hours to make the job a little easier. If you live in a multi-story home, you can also just focus on cleaning the windows on the upper floors.

Clean from the top down

Many people start cleaning their windows from the bottom up, but this actually scratches your windows and leaves streaks. Cleaning from the top down means that you’re getting the most dirt off your windows at once. Then as you clean lower, your squeegee is removing less and less of the dirt each time. It also leaves a lot of streaks. Make sure that you’re using a new, clean squeegee each time, and that you’re applying even pressure when cleaning each pane.

Vinegar is your friend

This magical cleaning solution has a ton of uses. It’s great for removing soap scum, cleaning windows, killing germs, and even unclogging drains. Using vinegar to clean your windows is a great way to save money and keep your windows sparkling clean. Dilute one part vinegar with nine parts water in a spray bottle. You can even add a few drops of essential oil to give your windows a nice scent. Spray the solution on your windows and then wipe them down with paper towels or rags. Vinegar can leave streaks on your windows if you don’t wipe it down right away. If you want your windows to look streak-free, you can try using a squeegee after spraying the vinegar solution on your windows.

Use the right tools

The tools you use can make a big difference in how quickly you are able to clean your windows. You can use newspaper to clean inside the window frame and lint-free cloths to clean the outside. Use a squeegee to get the excess water off the outside of your windows. Try to avoid putting abrasive materials on your windows, such as steel wool. This can leave scratches on your windows and make them look dull. If you have stubborn grime on your windows, you might want to consider investing in a window cleaning service. It’s often cheaper to hire a window cleaning service than it is to purchase a pricey steamer or specialised cleaning products. You can also buy multipurpose cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for cleaning your windows.

Consider hiring a professional

If your windows are particularly dirty or you have trouble reaching certain areas of your windows, you may want to consider hiring a professional to clean your windows. Many window cleaning services offer both interior and exterior cleaning, so you can get everything done in one go. Hiring a professional will be more expensive than doing the cleaning yourself, but it can be particularly helpful if you have a lot of windows or are unable to reach them. Some window cleaning services can also offer a double cleaning service. This means that they’ll come back to your house with a fresh crew and cleaning products after your windows have had time to dry. This is a great option for people who have busy schedules and might not have time to clean their windows at a normal time.


Keeping your windows clean can be tedious and time consuming. But the effort is worth it! Keeping your windows sparkling can boost your mood and help you relax. By following these tips and having a solid cleaning plan, you can easily clean your windows and have them looking shiny and new in no time.