HVAC is a common term in the cooling and heating industry. This acronym means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and these units occur in different types. An HVAC system controls your home's humidity and temperature, but not all are equal.

These units are measured using the MERV rating, which generally measures how much pollutants they can filter from the air. These different HVAC systems offer comfort at different levels, but they depend on your home's layout.

Below we discuss the most common types of AC systems.

  • Central Air Conditioning System

The central air conditioning system is the best solution for most businesses and homes. Their popularity is due to their low maintenance and easy usage. However, this AC system is the most expensive to set up, and you should ensure you work with a highly reputable HVAC company. 

This unit cools the air in the compressor, and the fan delivers the cool air to your house. Warm air is eliminated from your home via the exhaust, keeping the air fresh always. The central air conditioning system is common in most households and is easy to install due to the established ductwork. 

  • Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are affordable and convenient options for small spaces, as they cool them down perfectly. These units can be taken to any room and are easy to use. Specific models also have wheels at the bottom to ensure easy moving. However, the main downfall of these units is users need to run drainage tubes when the condensation catch is filled. 

The portable air conditioner is perfect for you if you are conservative with air conditioning. 

  • Ductless Split System

Even though most people prefer central air conditioning, other situations require alternatives, like the ductless split system. For instance, a room in your house might need an independent AC system.

A ductless split system gives total room control and stops it from spreading the same air in the entire house. It is advisable to use a ductless split system instead of a central system because of its improved efficiency. 

  • Mini Split System

Mini split systems are worthy considerations for people who want to skip the tedious ductwork. Users can install the mini split unit with less fuss than the ductless split system. This system is more minor and more affordable than others. 

This efficient and simple air conditioner has an easy user face, but its most significant advantage is its low energy bill. 

  • Packaged Units

A packaged unit is ideal for homes that lack a basement. This air unit is installed outside, making it an ideal solution. It will help to pick a model with a compact footprint since it blends with the outdoor environment. 

These units can also be put on rooftops, and users can buy them with different hookups. 

Final Thoughts

Air conditioning systems are common in most homesteads today, and it is hard not to see why. The above article has discussed the top types, and more information is available online.